Paani Ch Madhaani

"Paani Ch Madhaani " is about a flop singer Gulli and his group who focus on shortcuts (jugaad) for gaining success. But one of their new members, Sohni, outshines the others. In frustration... Read all

Genre: | Comedy | Drama | Family

Actor: Neeru Bajwa , Gippy Grewal , Bharat Mistri , Iftikhar Thakur , Karamjit Anmol

Director: Vijay Kumar Arora

Writer: N/A

Country: | India

Language: | PUNJABI

Duration: 2h 7 Min.

Quality: HD

view's: 131737

Release: 2021

Release Date:2021-11-05

IMDb: 5

Age limit: 10 Year