Sand Dollar Cove

An architect by trade, Elli Everson is a project manager with the property development firm New England Design and Development based in Stamford CT. The latest assignment from her boss Anna Walters is to acquire a specific beach property in Sand Dollar Cove, a hour's drive up the coast, upon which they would build a new beach resort. Sand Dollar Cove is recovering from a devastating storm nine months earlier, and this new development is meant to be a win-win-win situation for the company, the town and the property owner. However, the property owner, Brody Bradshaw, who also runs the nearby bait and tackle shop, had not even contemplated selling, and is even more against selling when he learns the company's plans are to tear down the pier on the property. Brody, a lawyer by trade, had only returned recently to Sand Dollar Cove in a transitional time in his life, this stop running the bait and tackle shop and he given the land by his parents only until he figured out what that next phase would be. He is torn between the symbol of the pier and what it means not only to his family - his great-grandfather, the town founder, who built it - but the town in it being considered the town's heart and soul, against the benefit of the development to the town and the fact that he does not have the money to repair it which was partially destroyed from the storm and thus now closed. Further complications ensue as Elli and Brody start to fall for each other, Elli who may be caught in the middle in not wanting to hurt him while still needing to represent the company, the pier not in Anna's vision of the resort.

Genre: | Drama | Romance

Actor: Chad Michael Murray , Clare Bowen , Aly Michalka

Director: Fred Gerber

Country: | United State

Duration: 84 Min.

Quality: HD

Release: 2021

Release Date:2021-07-03

IMDb: 6